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With law enforcement failing to properly investigate in a domestic violence arrest you need an attorney who will get to the bottom and seek justice. Being arrested is serious. It can ruin you for life with a record that will keep you from obtaining employment. Ernie did a great job saving my future. He had charges not filed and had my arrest record expunged.

- Steve W

Mr. Chang represented my son recently and did an excellent job. We met Mr. Chang during our first consult (which he apparently offers for free to all clients). He was very professional, courteous, and always answered our questions with patience and understanding. During the course of an impending trial, Mr. Chang always treated my son and I with respect. I highly recommend his services.

- Client Criminal Defense

Consulted on a complicated legal issue, very impressed.

- Chester

Although I have never been a client of Mr. Chang’s, I am a local attorney and former prosecutor. Mr. Chang is well respected by the local attorneys in Brevard County and has a stellar reputation. This review was not solicited. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of criminal law.

- Jason H

I found Ernest Chang to be an excellent lawyer. His responsiveness to my calls and many questions was excellent. Ernie was referred to me by several well respected professions and non-professionals. When I told people who my attorney was those familiar with attorneys within the DUI arena were all very happy for me. Ernie has an excellent reputation, he is not only extremely knowledgeable but caring and compassionate and he was successful in achieving our goal . I am very grateful to him.

- Client DUI

I was facing a 3rd degree DUI felony. Ernie got it reduced to 1st degree DUI misdemeanor. I interviewed 5 lawyers in Brevard county. Ernie was the only one that talked to me about taking my case to trial. He worked an aggressive offense on the strength of my case not the weaknesses. He didn’t take the prosecutors first offer, instead he kept fighting for me. I was facing 5 yrs. I received no jail time. When your facing a felony, your 1st question to a lawyer should be how many cases have you actual gone to trial. He wasn’t the cheapest lawyer but you get what you pay for. I was very satisfied with Ernie Chang and would highly recommend him on his results.

- Client Criminal Defense

Mr. Chang did an awsome job for my Son

And I. Both cases were dismissed and never even had to go to court. Very nice and understanding lawyer.

- Joseph

Ernie represented me in a felony domestic violence case. Not only did he get it knocked down to a misdemeanor, I ended up pleading to the lowest possible one they had. No probation, no jail, and a $200 fine. Ernie was instrumental in getting the State’s Attorney to see things his way.

- Tim

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