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The Second Amendment of the US Constitution enables every American to purchase, 自己的, 和, 在必要的时候, 使用枪支, 他们应该负责任地这样做. Every state has different laws pertaining to firearms 和 the purchase 和 use thereof, 和 Florida has relatively relaxed firearms laws compared to many other states. However, this does not mean the penalties for violating Florida firearms laws are not serious. 另外, the use of a weapon in committing any other crime can significantly increase the penalties the defendant faces if convicted.


If you or a loved one has recently been arrested for any firearms-related charge, you may face a wide range of severe penalties if convicted 和 the loss of your right to keep 和 bear arms. 日博体育备用 can provide the dedicated criminal defense representation you need, regardless of your case. 日博体育备用的团队已经帮助许多客户解决了非常棘手的刑事案件, 包括那些最初感到完全绝望的人. Whether you face a firearms-related criminal charge as a st和alone issue or heightened penalties for a different offense due to your use 和/or 拥有ion of a firearm, it is crucial to have defense representation you can trust in these circumstances.


Every American has two very important constitutional rights that come into play upon arrest for any criminal offense. 第一项是第五修正案规定的保持沉默的权利. 你不需要作为不利于自己的证人, meaning you do not have to answer any questions from the police when you are arrested. 而不是, 他们会宣读你的米兰达权利, 在当地警察局登记你, 然后你会被告知你的刑事案件的下一步. 如果你面临与武器有关的刑事指控, you will likely be compelled to remain in custody until your preliminary hearing.

The second of the constitutional rights you must exercise in this situation is your right to legal counsel. 在任何刑事案件中,合适的律师都是无价之宝, 你越快找到辩护律师, 你的律师为你辩护的时间就越多. 被捕和登记后, 你可以打电话, 你应该找一个值得信任的辩护律师来处理你的案子.

你的布里沃德郡, FL, firearms violation attorney can determine whether the arresting officers in your case h和led your arrest 和 booking correctly, 尊重你的公民权利和宪法权利, 并遵循了所有正当法律程序. 如果你有任何理由认为警察对你的案子处理不当, 向你信任的辩护律师提出你的担忧是很重要的.


佛罗里达州对任何涉及枪支的犯罪都非常严肃. While there are many criminal offenses a person can commit specific to firearms themselves, most firearms-related criminal cases filed in Florida pertain to other criminal acts committed with firearms, 如:

  • 持械抢劫. 在佛罗里达州,任何类型的抢劫都可能构成重罪, but the use of a firearm can significantly enhance the defendant’s sentence.
  • 非法占有. 某些人, 比如被定罪的重罪犯, 法律不允许购买吗, 拥有, 或者使用枪支. 如果一个重罪犯被发现持有枪支就会被逮捕, 他们可能立即面临三年监禁.
  • 武装突袭. Threatening another person with a deadly weapon is a much more serious criminal offense than threatening physical harm.
  • 谋杀. The intentional killing of another person can lead to the most serious criminal penalties a person can face. 例如, 如果被告使用枪支进行谋杀, 他们很可能面临终身监禁. It is also possible for a defendant to face murder charges if they accidentally killed another person with a gun after threatening them 和/or firing in an attempt to scare or injure them.

这些只是一些常见的例子, but it’s important to remember that Florida enforces a “10 or 20 to Life” rule whenever a firearm is used in the commission of another felony. The defendant having a firearm in their 拥有ion while committing the felony automatically adds 10 years in prison to their sentence. 如果他们在犯重罪时开枪, 他们还面临另外20年的监禁. 如果他们的释放导致巨大的身体伤害或死亡, 他们还面临25年至终身监禁.

除了枪支犯罪, other offenses related to firearms that could potentially lead to felony charges in Florida include illegal gun sales, 枪支走私, 或者非法持有枪支. While Florida is relatively relaxed compared to many other US states in terms of the firearms 和 gun parts state residents can buy, 拥有ion of any firearm that violates Florida law can lead to many years in prison, 高额罚款, 和 loss of your Second Amendment right to purchase 和 keep firearms in Florida.


在佛罗里达州因犯罪被捕之后, a defendant may be kept in police custody until their arraignment or the formal reading of their charges 和 initial plea entry. 在听证会之前,被告必须咨询辩护律师. 例如, 如果你面临与枪支有关的刑事指控, 你也没有犯这些罪, 你需要律师的帮助来证明你的清白. 除了, they can assist you in proving an alibi 和/or dismantling the prosecution’s case in other ways.

If you did commit the offense in question, this does not mean your situation is hopeless. While this option may not be available to defendants with extensive criminal histories, plea bargaining could come into play for a first-time offender when the prosecution has enough evidence for a conviction. 但, 再一次。, 你的布里瓦德县, FL, firearms violations attorney will be invaluable for guiding you through this process if it’s an option, 可能会大大减少你的最终处罚.

日博体育备用 has years of experience helping our clients in Brevard County 和 surrounding communities of Florida approach their criminal cases with greater confidence 和 peace of mind. Do not wait to secure defense representation after an arrest for any criminal offense. 相反,请联系日博体育 安排你去找一位经验丰富的布里瓦德县医生咨询, FL, 你可以信任的枪支违法辩护律师.